Why the name 'Twisted Dua'

We get this question ALL the time!

Twisted Dua; essentially representing the twisted-ness of life and the concept of dualism (Dua means two in malay).

our brand name is a testament to the intricate tapestry of human existence. Derived from the concept of dualism, we celebrate the harmonious interplay between opposing forces and finding a balance in it all; just as life intertwines light and shadow, each individual possesses a layered complexity, often concealing a unique facet of themselves.

"Twisted Dua" encapsulates this idea, representing the uncharted territories within. Our mission extends beyond providing a natural deodorant; it's about fostering a culture of self-care for both body and mind.

We encourage you to embrace your authentic self, unabashedly and unapologetically. Welcome to a world where duality is honored, and self-care reigns supreme – welcome to Twisted Dua.

Love Your Journey

Through our meticulously crafted products, we offer a journey towards freshness and self-discovery.

Life and everyday is a journey for us no matter what and where our ultimate goal is. Here at Twisted Dua, we empower you to love your journey everyday while loving & taking care of your body and mind.

Love your Mind. Love your Body. Love your Journey. Love your life.

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  • 2019 : Our humble beginnings

    We first launched the natural deodorant with only the 'signature' scent at the Christmas Market 2019 organised by Etsy Craftivist Sg team lead by our Founder, Salinah.

  • Beauty Insider AWARDS 2020 to 2023

    December 2019: Launch of Twisted Dua

    2020: Awarded Best Personal Care, Beauty Insiders' Choice (Beauty & Wellness Awards

    2021 & 2022: Awarded Best Deodorant for Calm the Funk Down and Happy Hippie (2022)

    2023: Awarded Best Deodorant for Oud La La! and Best Aromatherapy for Sweet Slumber

  • SME 500 Singapore Award

    So honoured to be amongst the great to achieve this award at the end of 2022.

    Thank you for all the support and love from our deepest of hearts.

How it all began

The Founder

Hello! I'm Salinah! I studied Food & Nutrition in school and have always been intrigued by the anatomy and wonders of the body. I have a diploma in Hospitality Management and a Dbl Degree in Communications & Media Studies and Public Relations. I love supplements and indulged heavily in the knowledge of naturopathy and the evolvement of natural supplements & how natural products could offer you a better quality of life. I enjoy yoga now since pilates could be a bit rough on me at this age, and i love quiet time alone when possible. I am a mother of a teenage boy and my family is big. I am continuously learning and hope I could pass goodness around through our product collection. Thank you for reading till this point and I hope to connect with you during our popups or social media. ;) xoxo, Salinah

A blessing in disguise

"Hey! You are here and thank you so much for getting to this part of the site to get to know me!

I have always considered my life to be surfing on waves; sometimes riding on the high waves and some days enjoying the beautiful gift of nature gifted by the Al-Mighty.

I have a good childhood, similar to most; with schools and getting a job. I have lived six good years in Italy and Portugal and a bit of time in the States. Over those years, I have realised that Singapore could do a lot more in the creative economy - especially about the society appreciating the handmade industry.

In 2012, I started Simply for Love with my sister, with some supplies in our mom's craft cabinet. We became the Team Captains of Etsy Craftivist Sg and hosted craft parties, organised Christmas markets and popups for the local makers in Singapore from 2012 to 2023. It had been a great run, especially meeting so many talented and creative makers and artists in Singapore.

In 2018, I had to undergo surgery that ultimately led to the birth of Twisted Dua. I have always been fascinated with the human anatomy and nutrition. It seemed like this path is just the right one to be one at that time. Of course, there was a lot of research, self-learning hours and many many hours of trials and formulations.

I always have a thirst for knowledge, on herbalogy, aromatherapy, nutrition and overall on health and wellness. I love watercolour, calligraphy, poetry and cats.

If you are still reading, wow! Thank you so much! Drop a line or come say when we run popups so we can connect! Thank you for getting to know me a little bit and I hope to get to know you too!"

xoxo, Salinah

Simply for Love (my first brand)

My first brand, making premium felt flowers, craft workshops, mall props and other commissioned projects. 

We have been involved in many local events, popups, schools, and malls as a local maker, craft instructors, mall-prop makers, craft kit suppliers and popup organisers.

Our mission

Our goal is to create a superior natural deodorant that is effective; empowers individuals to redefine and elevate their daily rituals, and promotes a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

We aim to create experiences that empower you to embrace the best versions of yourself by:

  • Creating products that are clean, of high quality and plant-based ingredients.
  • Low-waste and sustainable from our ingredients to our packaging. Our jars are recyclable and we encourage reusing and recycling for a happier planet.
  • embracing and prioritising self-care and self-love.


Our team

We started in 2012 with our first brand, Simply for Love; making felt floral creations and craft workshops. We are also the team behind Etsy Craftivist Sg Christmas markets and craft parties since 2013; supporting local makers in Singapore and building the handmade movement in Singapore.

Find and follow us at @twisteddua, @simplyforlove and @EtsyCraftivistSg to get to know us better.

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