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Set of 2 deodorant : Choose your scent

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 Good things come in pairs! 

Spread the love and get 2 tubs - one for you and one for your partner! 

FREE from aluminium, chemicals, parabens, preservatives, additives, artificial fragrances and other toxic worries ;)

Choose two (2) scents:

1. Calm the Funk Down : Signature 

Award-winner by Beauty Insiders' Choice Award for Best Personal Care 2020 and 2021

Lavender | Lemon | Grapefruit | Cypress | Lemongrass | Frankincense | Tea Tree | Geranium Egypt | Bergamot

2. Happy Hippie : Sweet Floral

Award-winner by Beauty Insiders' Award for Best Personal Care 2022 -Blogger’s Choice

Lavender | Vanilla | Cypress | Frankincense | Tea Tree | Lemon

3. Oud La La! : Earthy

Award-winner by Beauty Insiders’ Award for Best Deodorant 2023

Cedarwood | Cypress | Bergamot  | Frankincense | Tea Tree | Litsea Cubeba

4. High on Mijito

Peppermint  | Lime | Grapefruit | Frankincense | Tea Tree | Spearmint | Cypress

5. Bo.Ho

Geranium | Lavender | Cypress | Frankincense | Tea Tree | Basil | Rosemary 

6. Limoncello

Lemon | Sweet Orange | Frankincense | Tea Tree | Cypress | Litsea cubeba | Grapefruit

7. Rosé

Tea tree | Clary Sage | Palmarosa | Frankincense | Geranium | Lavender

🍃 100% Natural
🌿 Gender-Neutral Elegance
🐇 Tested on the fabulous, not the furry
🌱 Vegan Vibes
🔖 Weight: 40g


Apply a pea size onto clean and dry pits and you are good to rock your day! 

Store in dry place and away from direct sunlight and small children. Refrain from using immediately after shaving especially if you have sensitive skin. 


Learn about the ingredients 

First time using

If this is your first time using or have very sensitive skin, please do a small patch test to see if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients. Start with a small amount and increase the amount of deodorant used gradually as needed.

How to use

How to use deodorant:

Apply a small pea amount on clean underarms at the start of your day.

How to use roller blend:

Simply glide the roller over pulse points or desired areas. Keep the cap closed after each use and keep reach out of children.