“I feel fresh all day. I feel that my skin breathes better and it makes me feel safe to put chemical-free deodorant on a daily basis ”

—Aliq, 31yrs, WSH Practitioner

“I never liked going to places with no cool environments as it makes me perspire like crazy and have that unpleasant smell. Blame it on the genes? Maybe. Thanks to my Encik's recommendation of Twisted Dua 100% natural deo...I still sweat like crazy but at least the smell is not present anymore ”

—Zhi An, SCDF NSmen

“I never knew about chemical-free deodorant until I was introduced to it by Twisted Dua. It works really well and my skin feels way better now. It keeps me fresh the whole day. Going natural really makes a difference to my body. Love it!"

— Shah Ridzuan, 28yrs, Financial Manager

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