Natural deodorant cream: Oud La La! :  Bergamot and Lime : Earth and Calming (40G)


Earthy and woodsy with a hint of citrus for the uplift that swish you into an enchanted forest surrounded by fresh tangerines. 


Hand-crafted locally in small batches and packed in new sustainable & eco-friendly packaging, the sexy and woodsy blend of cedarwood and bergamot helps to neutralise odours naturally and effectively. Helps to rid of toxins naturally as you sweat without all the funk. Get a good workout at the gym without worry.


 A little goes a long way. A small tub lasts a couple of months. One-application to last the whole day, even in our hot and humid weather. 


Scent : Calming and sensual blend yet deliver its purpose with six (6) essential oils that are carefully selected to neutralise odours and protect the skin with anti-bacterial properties.  A promising woodsy scent calms you down instantly and kept balanced with hints of bergamot. Loved by our most gentlemanly of men. 


Cedarwood | Bergamot | Cypress | Lavender | Frankincense | Tea Tree | 


Stay sexy and confident in our  humid weather.


Aluminium-, Phalate-, Paraben- and Cruelty-FREE 

Gender neutral

Plant-based / Vegan

Suitable for sensitive skin

Keep you smell fresh all day without any stickiness



As most of us are used to store-bought deodorant and anti-perspirant, it is important to note that they body might need some time to adjust to a new clean formula. 


Oud La La! | Cedarwood & Bergamot | Earthy & Calming

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