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Enjoy the discount and remove the hassle by arranging for delivery of your favourite deodorant at your doorstep every month. What a neat idea! 


HOW it works

Payment will be made in full for the THREE (3) months. 


We will deliver ONE (1) tub of signature Calm the Funk Down scent every month for 3 months. 

i.e. If you purchase today for 3 months, you will pay $45 and we will send you one jar upon receipt of payment and will send the 2 remaining jars monthly for the next 2 months on either 5th or 20th of every month. 


Please choose the date of subsequent delivery during check out. 


IF you do not choose the date, we will send out based on the cut-off day. If you purchase BEFORE the 15th, the monthly delivery will be on the 5th and if you purchase AFTER the 15th, we will send out on 20th of the following month and months thereafter. 

[Monthly] 3 MONTHS Subscription - $15 each

S$54.00 Regular Price
S$45.00Sale Price
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  • Due to hygiene reasons, all purchases are non-refundable. But please send us your feedback and we will try and get a solution for you at our soonest possible. We create this deodorant to help people transition to a natural personal care routine, so do let us know your concerns and we hope to work a solution together with you.