Why we switched from cardboard packaging to aluminium?

Before we start on the reasons of our switch, we would like to first reiterate that we are still an environmentalist and do think of the environmental impact of the change. We have looked long and hard at the options of our packaging before making our final decision. When we first launched the brand at the end of 2019, we used PP plastic. Although it is recyclable and economical, we pumped in the capital and customised the cardboard jars to create a more environmental friendly and biodegradable packaging.

As much as we are happy with it (although the supplier printed it wrongly with the design and colours), we later learned that the cardboard was not totally oil-proof, thus it created an oil bleed on the packaging.

So these are our issues with the cardboard:

1. Affects the quality of the natural deodorant over time.

That means, over a matter of weeks, an ugly oil bleed starts to be visible on the packaging. This totally bumped us. Although we have heard from customers that it does not affect the quality of the deodorant, the deodorant do get a little dry over time. Thus, we have a problem with that. When that happened, it will make the cream dryer than it should and over some months, we feel that the cream has lost its creamy spread.

2. It is just ugly.

Did we say ugly yet? Just imagined a wet cardboard without all that softness. Yup. Ugly.

3. It deters us from stocking at retailers.

Although we have received the contracts to place our babies at a couple of local retailers, including The Green Collective and Naiise at Iconic at The Jewel, we faced the issue of aesthetics of the jars. A cardboard jar that has an ugly oil bleed just do not look very pleasing to a customer, does it? It has also put a deter to us scaling and venturing into neighbouring countries due to this ugly oil bleeds.

Why aluminium jars and how sustainable are they?

Due to the consistency of our product, we had the options of plastic, glass or aluminium. Although plastic is recyclable, it can only be recycled 5-6 times. Glass is more expensive and we face the risk of high transportation cost and of them breaking. After we looked long and hard on the options of our packaging (my least favourite part) we finally made the decision to go with aluminium jars. Below are some articles on aluminium packaging that helped with our decision process.

  1. Aluminium packaging gives you a great opportunity to move away from plastic. Aluminium is both 100% recyclable and reusable, and is the most recycled packaging in Europe*

  2. Unlike other packaging, aluminium and other metal products can be recycled forever without degrading. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of metal products every produced in the world is still available for use*.

  3. Aluminium is lighter in weight than plastic or glass, not only does this make transportation easier but it also saves you money on shipping, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

  4. The lining in the lid of an aluminium jar has a low moisture transition rate and protects the product inside from reactive elements in the air, helping to reduce perishability, keeping your product fresher for longer.

  5. Aluminium is unbreakable

  6. It’s a great protective shell for your product with its hard exterior

  7. In transport, aluminium will be safer than glass, which while it is more elegant looking, runs the risk of breaking. The aluminium jar will be both lightweight and sturdy. This makes it ideal not just for transporting the product to stores or through postal delivery, but it will be trusted by the end user, who may want to carry the product around for daily use or in a travel pouch.

So, here you go - our final product and we hope they will be here to stay. Who knows what is in store for us in the future and we can switch to a better packaging option that has all the appealing factors and kind to our budget.

And let's face it - they looked happier in colours, don't they?

They might look a little smaller than the cardboard jars but do not worry - they contain the same amount and loaded with the same goodness.

There is a lot of work to be done with phasing out and updating all our collaterals and it is indeed sad to say bye to our pair of 'ugly and twisted' sloths on our cardboard jars. But I am sure you will see them somehow in the brand. ;)

Thank you again for your support and we hope to continue to be blessed with your trust and love on our brand. ;)