How to use natural deodorant cream?

We received a lot of questions on how to use the natural deodorant cream during our popup craft fairs. So here goes ;)

Simpy use it just like any other body cream.

1. Scoop about a pea size with your finger.

2. Use your fingers and spread it on your clean and dry underarms until it is evenly spread.

3. You can use a little more for an active day out but not too much.

4. You might feel a little grainy on your fingers and arms due to the powders in the formula. This is to absorb moisture (aka sweat).

5. We do not need to ever reapply the deodorant throughout the day.

See! It's that easy and quick.

If you are new to an all natural body care product, please take a moment and learn about the transition period aka detox process.

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