Why Twisted Dua products?

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

With thousands of products out there, let's be real and ask the question. Why should I get deodorant and pay much more than normal drugstore deodorant?

What is best for my pit?

Our products simply works

OK, here's another twisted secret about the makers and the first users (family members) of our deodorant. Due to some genes that we are 'proud' of and living in this hot and humid weather of Singapore, we need to reapply deodorant at mid-day. Hey, let's be real. If we don't, well.... not a great experience for the person next to us! ;p

When I first made the natural deodorant for myself, I was simply happy at the fact that it does not contain any of the yucky chemicals that burn my skin after the surgery. But when it lasted all day and does not make me sticky and stinky at all for the entire day, I was pumped! But still kept it a secret from anyone. I wasn't ready to share with people what I put on my underarms and honestly, it's not of anyone's business, right? Hah! Anyways, I didn't keep it a secret after a few months of secret stashing. I had to share it with my sisters and brother.

And it truly makes my day when I'd receive random text messages from them saying that the deodorant was the bomb cos they still smell great after a whole day. My brother is a firefighter - means he has a long strenuous physical routine every morning. And to hear from him saying that it was working so awesomely from him, just made me think...hmm, i have to make this for sale. (Im an entrepreneur at heart)

Knowing that the product that you made simply works, not only because natural deodorant is just so hard to find in the stores, but knowing that it changes our lives cos it builds our confidence, saves us more money (a little usage goes a long way) are just cherries on top.

Over the months and years, we, the makers at Twisted Dua constantly revisit the formula to make sure that it works for most people. One sister has the most sensitive skin I ever know - she has allergies and eczema too on some days, and we are still formulating a formula that will work for her. We are happy to say that we are real close. ;) Stay peeled for our sensitive skin formula.

DETOX process

Here is what you need to know when you first switch to natural deodorant.

  1. Your body is used to all the drugstore deodorant for many years (since you've been using)

  2. Every body will react differently

  3. It will not stop you from sweating. Natural deodorant is not an anti-perspirant. You will sweat and it is a good thing. Natural deodorant will not stop you from sweating but the natural ingredients will stop you from stinking. It is the bacteria on the skin that makes all that chummy smell that makes you wanna vomit.

  4. Natural deodorant kills bacteria in your sweat thus neutralising and deodorising your pits.

Please note:

For some people, they are lucky to not have any reaction when switching to a natural deodorant. But for some, they might experience the detoxing process. Depending on the body chemistry, you may or may not experience 2 to 4 weeks transitional period when switching to a natural deodorant - the stages of detox.

Whats the detoxing process?

Week 1 : You might notice that you are sweating more than normal. Since your former deodorant contain aluminium that prevents you from sweating, aluminium-free simply means = no blocking of sweat glands.

Week 2: Your body might still be working on pushing the chemicals out of your body, which may cause irritation. So exfoliate underarms weekly if not daily and wash daily with our felted soaps to assist in the detoxification process.

Week 3 : Underarm moisture level will normalise.

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