As the organiser of Etsy Craftivist SG Christmas Designer Market 2019

Some might have known but many might not know the fact that I am also the Etsy team Captain of the Etsy Craftivist Sg in Singapore. That means, I am the brain and braun (spells stress and sweat) for all the popups and craft parties since 2013 in Singapore.

OK OK, enough bragging! ;p

Here are where you might have found our booth last week. Thank you to all the vendors and those who came and shop!

My son and niece drew the pallet snowman, helped me with packaging and I received alot of help from the big family. Big thanks and many love to each one of you.

My sisters and I worked really hard for this market since July. Salehah came over to the office at night almost everyday to complete all the decor, make the felted soaps and to make sure that everything is checked and crossed for the market. Our wish is that Singapore will truly value the meaning of handmade and see the worth of our makers. It rained and shined on us so many times throughout the 3 days of the market and I felt so exhausted and not to mentioned, sticky and wet from sweat and rain at the same time!

BUT on the bright side.. again when put to the test, our natural deodorant lasted the whole day and night and never let me down! Woohooo!!

Anyhoos, for those reading this and wonder how to get onto our markets, please do register at

For all those who came by the booth and purchased from us, thank you so much for your support and love!! We love you guys to the pits!

Till next round, keep twisting.


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